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Keep in touch with your own network , find out your mind level group , enliven your ideas by inoculate it with others who shared you the same interests , promote your perspectives , visions , and goals with your network .
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Connecting the right people in the right time by the right place, and looking for new strategy to change the way you are doing your concern.

Here we are with the Social App to promote the ideas , and all other interests . Social App is offering a very advance developed application , customized to fulfill your needs & take care of your concerns by connecting you with your group by the latest creative private network.

Allows only similar people to be in one place , such as:

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By SocialEra Application you can easily Keep in touch with your similar ideas thinkers all over the world.

We Require a little effort from users to connect, by accept agreements without any other personal data in first using.

Unique strategies by encompassing it with insightful users, trends , cleverly targeted opinions and customized content users.

The successful of SocialEra have the ability to compress all of a user’s many activities into a single view.

And we offer also:
High Performance Platform
Fast And LightWeight
Regularly Free Updated
Free Help & Support
Increase Your Profit
Guarantee your Users Informations

The following screen shots describes the app features

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We are ready to show you how to build and deploy your forum , We’d love to show you a live demo and see if it can fit your specific needs.

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